Brush Electronics

Located In Perth, Western Australia. Brush Electronics designs and manufactures specialized environmental monitoring and control systems. Brush Electronics specializes in the development of microcontroller based products and technologies with emphasis on Microchip's PIC Series of Microcontrollers.

Products Include: Firmware Bootloaders for Microchip's PIC family of Microcontrollers. Low power Data Logging and Telemetry Systems, Bowen Ratio Data Acquisition Systems, Watchdog Supervisory Systems for the monitoring and recovery of remote computer systems and miscellaneous PIC based data acquisition, control and logging systems.

Acoustic Anemometer Bowen Ratio Data Logger

A key consideration of all Brush Electronics solutions is the delivery of systems featuring high availability and servivability. Taking availability into account at design time ensures the consistent capture and delivery of quality data. Several of Brush Electronics' data logging and telemetry systems incorporate call home for service and the ability for new firmware to be uploaded to remote systems irrespective of them being located in the outback or on the other side of the world.

Brush Electronics has developed Watchdog Supervisory Systems which can be "bolted" on to closed system architectures to enable the incorporation of system recovery in the event of failure of one or more elements in the otherwise closed system.

Services Include: Electronic Design, Hardware and Software Development. Brush Electronics provides products and services to support taking a concept to a product that can be viably manufactured.